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Davon Magwood for State House PA 55th

Working class father of three who lives by the moral principles of Mr. Rodgers and the work ethic of Franco Harris.  He aims to not just look for the “helpers” but strives to be a “helper” and understands the work needed to help effectively.  


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, settled in New Kensington to raise his family where he has been involved in local politics and community efforts ever since.  He first caught the political bug as a young child during the contentious race between George W Bush and Al Gore and in hindsight is glad that Gore gracefully accepted the loss that allowed our country to move forward.  Years later he brought the Y and G program to his school in the inner city, where he learned to write and debate bills and became the first Black Youth and Government PA Governor winning by just one vote.  


Being the oldest, raised by a single mother with four children, Davon Magwood had to step up at an early age.  After highschool, unable to afford higher education at the time, he worked his way up from a dishwasher to executive chef of a variety of well established restaurants.  That was a journey that helped Davon understand that hard work at any level has the potential to pay off with enough dedication while exposing him to a variety of viewpoints different from his own in a communal space that required collaboration to get the job done at the end of each day.  


At the same time he was working professionally in the entertainment industry as a creative for years in a variety of different capacities.  While working to pay the bills  and furthering his career professionally, he spent many hours volunteering his time on a variety of political campaigns both large and small.  From a nurse running a grassroots campaign for Senate, to Bill Peduto’s council campaign and subsequent mayoral race all the way to Obama.  


Eventually, riding the Bernie wave allowed him to find common ground with individuals from many diverse political backgrounds which is when he first realized people had it within them to come together when it truly mattered. 


At the same time, he also spearheaded community initiatives like Easter basket drives for mothers in homeless shelters and bookbag drives while also serving the public as judge of elections locally in his community.  He is tired of supporting other “progressive” candidates that have been unable to work together in a bipartisan fashion and is eager to get to Harrisburg and work together for the things that make sense to the constituents he aims to serve.

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