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Blue Skies

I Oppose 


Tax increases on Pennsylvania families and exorbitant gasoline taxes that hurt disproportionately affect Westmoreland County residents.  


I Align


With the idea that the business permitting process in Harrisburg takes far too long!  We support the existing House Bill 734 that aims to support local business by development with transparency in terms of both tracking and expediting permits so that our business both large and small businesses can develop and compete with surrounding states.  


I Support


A reasonable and timely State Budget that works for all Westmoreland County families.  


I Uphold


The continued protections of our existing gun laws while also keeping the federal government from potentially infringing on these upon these state rights in the future.  After conversations with gun store owners and firearms enthusiasts we also understand the importance of the availability of gun safety education to help and how that goes a long way to decreasing  unintended fatal accidents.  As the son of a police officer who is no longer with us today, Davon Magwood knows the importance of gun safety education and how it can give us the confidence and ability to protect both ourselves and our loved ones responsibly and safely.


I Resolve


To work in bipartisan fashion to find creative solutions that can ease the burden of property taxes on our seniors while also fully funding our school systems, educators and pension plans.  


I Reject


Wasteful Harrisburg spending.  Furthermore, we think it is reasonable to have state legislatures keep receipts for all expenditures and have this available for independent unbiased organizations to assess, allowing for transparency for our constituents concerned with wasteful spending.    


By Working Together


Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of states left that has yet to repeal the well intended yet misguided PA Drug Paraphernalia Drug Law barring local nonprofits from effectively utilizing opioid settlement funds for safe syringe programs that are repeatedly touted as effective by medical professionals as the best way to stop the spread of disease in our communities.  Republican State Rep James Struzzi has been hard at work pushing House Bill 1393 aimed at amending that law to support local nonprofits helping recovering addicts and their families while easing the rate of opioid and fentanyl related overdoses.  


Moving Farther 


Currently, Western Pennsylvania Republicans in the house are  beginning to look at unmet public transportation needs from a rural perspective.  We think that this is long overdue and vital towards retaining our young people and building our tax base to strengthen our communities and our local economies.


Looking Forward


With talk of legalization of cannabis on the rise, we plan to fight to ensure future profits make it back into the budgets of local cities, townships and boroughs.  This will to help pay for both critical infrastructure projects and unfunded state mandates that have led towards inevitable tax hikes on our working families and seniors.  


Moving Forward 


I plan to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to Harrisburg in order to represent a district that is diverse in  both in population and landscape. In a time of great political division, we aim to bring back the spirit of bipartisan efforts to Harrisburg so that we can continue to uphold the values of Western Pennsylvania and the dignity of Westmoreland County families.  


I look forward to serving the constituents of the 55th by getting work done at home and in Harrisburg and by working in innovative ways side by side in innovative ways with our fellow Republicans and Democrats.

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